13 Free Apps Every Student Should Have

Overwhelming reading material, very long writing and editing sessions, anomalous sleep cycles, pulling all-nighters … College is not fun at all times. Try not to stress, however. Technology and innovation offer a lot of approaches to improve the writing process and to make it a lot simpler.

Here are 13 awesome apps to assist you with improving as a writer. Give your learning process a boost, and you will eliminate the paper writing nightmare that most other college students face while at school.

1. My Study Life

This free application can take the place of any paper planner and is perfect for helping you keep track of your outstanding tasks. You can without much stress plan your classes with a day timetable, monitor your assignments and tests in the cloud, and get warnings about significant tasks and tests. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, you never forget about any lecture or assignment ever again.

2. Cram

This is relatively easy to use flashcard app, which helps you memorize content for your examinations. You can either download a set of flashcards from the website, or you can create yours. One very cool feature is that you can pick one of the two study modes in this app, namely: Memorize and Card Mode. This app even has the cram option which is essential in supercharging your study sessions.

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3. Google Apps

Every student needs Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, and even slides for various learning purposes. With the cloud-based Google Apps, you can access these tools from any device. These apps can enable you to: take notes during a lecture draw diagrams, create various types of documents and share them. The best thing about using these apps is that your notes are usually saved on your Gmail account.

4. Dragon Dictation

Wish you could type your papers quicker? Dragon Dictation permits you to talk and see your words transformed into text immediately. If you prefer talking to sitting for long hours to compose your essay, this application is the thing that you need! You can try to use Dragon Dictation in case your deadline is fast approaching– this app will thoroughly take care of you. Simply imagine that you are addressing somebody and spit out your thoughts.

5. SelfControl

If you have discovered that you can be easily distracted from the writing process, then you need to get SelfControl. It limits you from certain sites for a predefined period by adding them to the "blacklist." The app is extremely helpful when you have to finish a significant essay quickly but you are getting distracted by social networks and email servers. When your paper is done, you can return to chatting with friends and checking through your news feed.

6. Evernote

You will never lose your assignments with Evernote. You can save things, make plans for the day, transfer various documents, and access this data from any gadget. Writings, photographs, sound, and video documents – everything is put away in your online account. What is additionally incredible, there isn't a capacity limit, however, you can only upload up to 60 MB of content each month at absolutely no cost.

7. Scribd

With Scribd, you will have the option to use around 1 million books, content reports, and sound records. Regardless of whether you need data for your writing class or references for your article, this current-day world's greatest library online will make it possible. Scribd likewise offers you the chance to make your library with various content and notes and share them with individuals from all corners of the world.

8. EasyBib

EasyBib will be useful when managing the most confusing steps when you are preparing for your paper – drafting a list of references and citations. The app makes it easy for you to organize the list of references in the common citation styles, including MLA and APA formats. All you need to do is enter the book's title and get a correct citation. As straightforward as that! You should simply to copy the created reference into the bibliography of your essay.

9. Mint

Who said that students don’t struggle with finances? Truth is that students, more so those paying their tuition by taking part-time jobs, need help managing their finances. Mint is the perfect app to help such students create and track their budgets on the go, on their smartphones. With this app, all of your finances are usually consolidated in one place. You can view your budget, your savings, as well as the bank account balance. This app also categorizes all your transactions and creates charts to show you where your money is going to.

10. Tiny Scanner

With Tiny Scanner, you can send your class notes to your companions. The app is ideal for making sure that the notes are distinct enough to study. This application uses your smartphone camera to capture notes and transform them into PDF format so you can share them to easily. It likewise allows you to color-correct right the notes files before you convert them into PDF format.

11. Coggle

Coggle is a very useful app for creating and sharing mind maps. You can without much stress visualize your thoughts and ideas when you are brainstorming, designing the outline of your paper, or even organizing your notes. You can do everything on the internet without having to install and download the app. This app lets you produce beautiful and highly-organized noted that you can share with your classmates.

12. Microsoft Office Mobile

Microsoft Office Mobile is perfect for accessing, altering, and sharing all your Word, Excel, and PowerPoint notes on your gadgets. If you want to start composing your article and do not have a PC close by, you can come up with documents on your phone. You can open and change any document at any time.

13. Twinword Writer

This extraordinary app will make your writing process very easy. It comes with a built-in thesaurus and it does a good task recommending alternative words when you get stuck when writing. You can, therefore, share your ideas using the most suitable vocabulary, using Twinword Writer. It can likewise naturally identify the tone of your writing and tell when you are excessively positive or excessively negative.

There you have it: A list of 13 apps every student should have! Did you know that you can also get help with your assignments, now that we are talking about making work easier? Reach out to Custom Essay Writing today and get your essay done at your earliest convenience.

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