8 Steps to Write a Research Paper

Updated: Apr 25

A research paper is an academic writing that requires an in-depth study of certain issues or topics. In addition to the research of the existing materials on the selected topic, the author of the research paper is required to interpret the information that they compile. A research paper is not a rewrite of information from valid sources; that only makes part of the entire paper. A great research paper is characterized by the combination of a factual report, with a well thought of point of view.

The difficulty of writing research papers may depend on the underlying expectations, and the subject or discipline. A student should understand the expectations of the professor in their work before they even start working on the research paper. With a clear understanding of what is expected of him or her, the student can then proceed to put the entire paper together. The 8 steps presented below will help you maintain the flow of your content from the beginning to the end of your research paper, which will then contribute to an impressive grade.

N.B: You should only focus on a single step at a time, as trying to focus on writing several paragraphs at a time will only lead to you losing concentration. In addition to that, when coming up with your first draft, you should not worry about grammar and style, but about the presentation of your ideas.

1. Write an abstract: Writing an abstract is one of the best ways for your research. Writing an abstract simply calls for you to focus on the main ideas of the research. You may, therefore, be required to write the abstract at the end of the research paper writing process, but it helps to create come up with a rough draft of the abstract before diving into the rest of the paper.

2. Write the literature review –The literature review section is essential for highlighting the findings and information that is valuable for the completion of the research. You should begin by providing the background information on your research topic, before moving on to give a brief description of your sources and to evaluate them. You should strive to demonstrate how the topic fits into the underlying field of study. There are different literature review structures for different disciplines, hence you should stick to an approach that is suitable for your line of study. You should see to it that you identify the gaps in previous studies, and demonstrate how your paper will add value to the existing knowledge.

3. Write the methods section- This is the part of your research paper that you need to show how the research and the experiments were conducted. The main agenda here is to show the reader how you obtained your data so that your reader can understand how the method of data collection affects the final results. You should also highlight the limitations of the research methods, as this weighs in on the validity of your conclusions.

4. Describe the results you obtained- you are expected to describe the findings that directly relate to your research topic in this section. This requires that you list key findings, as you explain them to your reader. If you are working on a paper that has a wide range of readings, organize them effectively so that your reader can understand every point.

5. Create a discussion paragraph –this is one of the hardest sections in the writing of a research paper, according to most students. In this section, you are required to give a thorough interpretation of the results of your research and to compare your findings with those of other authors. You should also analyze the primary sources used in your paper, and show the connection between them and your results. This is the section in which you prove to your professor that you clearly understand your research topic.

6. Write an introduction – There is a high possibility that you will have a clear understanding of your research paper after writing the results and discussion sections. Since the main objective of the introduction is to highlight the value of your research, coming up with the results and discussions first will give you a stable foundation for it. You should not forget to include your thesis statement in the introduction.

7. Sum up your ideas in the conclusion- The conclusion is simply a restatement of all points you have described in the paragraphs in the introduction and body of your paper. This section should reinforce the significance of your research and further demonstrate how important your findings are. You should not forget to propose a new direction of thinking towards your research topic.

8. Do the finishing touches- you should read through your first draft as soon as you finish it. Rewrite all the awkward sentences and paragraphs, in a bid to ensure that all the content presented, is logical and readable. Proofread the entire paper, and correct the mistakes. Add the footnotes, endnotes, and citations and make sure that you have used the required formatting style. Finally, organize your title page, and works cited or references.

If you follow these 8 steps, you will have an easy time creating a great research paper. If you are having a hard time deciding what to write about in your research paper, or even how to write it, reach out to Custom Essay Writing to get help from research paper writing experts.

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