Adaptive leadership

The framework of adaptive leadership assists organizations and individuals in coping with and thriving in various environments and circumstances (Northouse 2018, p.259). In the corporate world, there are high levels of dynamism and in this way; it is important for both leaders and followers to manage to work in different environments and conditions (Arena & Uhl-Bien, 2016). In the Scripture, Jesus informs Peter to follow Him and insinuates that there are hard things that could take place in the end. In this way, Christ was preparing his disciple of the tough times that could come ahead so that he could be in a position to handle himself appropriately. The Scripture indicates that Peter was violent in attempts to protect Jesus as a preventative measure (McQuiston, 2018). The contemporary corporate world is characterized by different issues that are dynamic and affect the manner in which organizations and people handle themselves (Akhtar et al., 2016). It is important that adaptive measures are taken in such a way that entities and their employees are able to handle unforeseen circumstances competently (Baltaci & Balcı, 2017).


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