Are Americans too reliant on technology?

One of the realities that we ought to adjust to as soon as possible is that we are nothing without technology. Judging from the definition of technology, it purely gives us an avenue to do things using less energy and time. A good example would be instead of writing a letter, walking to the post office, buying an appropriate stamp and sending, waiting for days or even weeks for your letter to be safely delivered; we can simply use our computers or smartphones to achieve the same within seconds by way of email. America has been known to be at the forefront when it comes to the discovery, development and use of technology. In comparison to the rest of the world, America stands out as king of technology (Budget of the U.S. Government 15). A large percentage of the population is technology savvy to the extent that even toddlers can operate smartphones and home computers. Technology can be praised for helping us communicate faster. Discussing the subject of technology and Americans being over-reliant on the same is important especially being that some technologies have been linked to negative attributes like antisocial behaviors. At the end of the day, I believe we are better off with technology on our side, rather than not embracing the same.

Technology changes every day and makes our lives much enjoyable and hence stating that Americans are over-reliant on technology is a false statement. Technology is used in almost all aspect of our lives. We use technology in the medical field, allowing doctors to be more efficient in their duties. Technology is used in cars to ensure that as much as we are driving faster on the roads, we are much safer than ever before. We even spend more gas on the road as compared to the past. Technology has allowed us to communicate faster, whenever we want. Newsrooms and relevant authorities have been able to warn the public of dangers before they even occur. The police are now able to track down criminal using facial recognition, thanks to technological advancement. Technology not only re-enforces our quality of life but also goes a long way in ensuring that we enjoy it to the fullest.

The reliance on technology has exposed many to numerous kinds of online dangers. Technology in the internet realm has resulted to increased cyber-bullying. It is evident that some people have lost their esteem, and even lives as a result of cyber-bullying. Identity theft is among the crimes that flourish with increased use of technology. It is also believed that as much as we rely heavily on technology to communicate, we tend to ignore our surrounding and the people who care about us. We miss out on the little pleasures of life that include personally talking to people (Budget of the U.S. Government 17).

Technology has grown to be a vital part of our daily lives. Developments in technology have allowed us to better communicate with our loved ones. We are also able to source for better treatment in our hospitals. Technology has come a long way to ensuring that we live in a much safer environment and even drive safer cars. Technology is used in many realms in our lives and stating that we are over-reliant on technology is a misleading presumption. It is about time we got comfortable with the fact that with every passing day, we usher in new technology. Embracing the use of technology only allows us to improve on the quality of life and hence we should encourage improvement.

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