Balancing Work and Family

Balancing work, internship, and the family has been tedious for some people. However, it only takes the right attitude and determination in all the three fields to ensure that none of them fails. One of my plans in this strategy is ensuring that I do my best in each of the activities mentioned by trying to forget the others for a while. When I am in the workplace, I plan only to focus on the work issues and avoiding thinking and to focus on the family issues for guaranteed output and productivity in the workplace. Regardless of how the family issues may be pressing, I plan to focus on whatever takes me to the workplace with the realization of the fact that the work I do enhances my comfort in the family by providing for my needs and ensuring that I lead a sustainable life (Lewis, 2009). It also ensures that I do my work without the commission of errors emanating from double attention.

Balancing the work and family issues also require that I do not carry forward the work tasks and responsibilities home. I plan to ensure that all the duties in the workplace are fully accomplished and that I do not carry some unfinished work home (Collins, Jordan, & Coleman, 2013). Going home with work assignments would reduce my concentration in the family issues by dividing my attention. My plan is to ensure that whatever I learn at the internship or whatever I am needed to do in the workplace remains in the mind for retrieval when I am required to do it in the right environment but does not interfere with my family life (Korabik, Lero, & Whitehead, 2008). This will also enhance my interest and ability to take care of myself and the family at large.

Nevertheless, maintaining the balance has been a significant challenge given that sometimes work gets too much until I am forced to extend the working hours. This is unfair to the family life because I may not extend my stay at home to compensate for the time. To be at my best for the internship, I need to work on my self-care by ensuring that I do everything on time and having a time schedule to follow in everything I do. This is particularly important because proper time management has been the major interpersonal boundary issues that have been most challenging to me. However, I have tried to handle the issue by learning to do the right thing at the right time.

Other boundary issues experienced in the internship is the lack of a good connection between theory and practice. I realized that the practical applications in the internship are more complex and require much concentration against the popular belief that working is simple and does not require as much concentration as learning. In most cases, I was forced to refer to my class notes to understand and connect the practical concepts with theory. I hope that by learning the proper way of doing things in the work place and what I am expected to fulfill at the end of the day will make me a good time manager as well as a good manager for everything. Time management is also important in the improvement of my-self care since I will have a properly timed schedule to do my personal things and time to attend to work issued and responsibilities.


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