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There is the trend of culture in today’s global society. Media, politics, and other societal perspectives are affecting the manner in which Christian leaders conduct business at church. The advancement in communication channels and the demystification of societal hierarchies make pastors adopt more inclusive and informal ways of engaging with their followers (Barna Trends, 2018). In the past, it was not the case because people perceived church to be an official and serious institution.

Contemporary life has changed significantly with vocational education, habits, relationships, and other community factors affecting the way Christian leaders associate with their followers. Today’s pastors are highly educated and tend to lead separate lives as pastors in their duties and as private individuals (Barna Trends, 2018). The associations between pastors and the larger communities are becoming more symbiotic, and so Christians can easily relate with their leaders.

There are current trends as far as the Christian faith is concerned. Practices, leadership, and the general state of the church are founded on a situation where prayer has become increasingly infrequent (Barna Trends, 2018). The church has become a central point of various community activities, including commercial promotions, leaving minimal time for the business of prayer in the church.


Pastors are now employing technological advancements in the course of delivering their services to the believers. For instance, they are seeking communication avenues through conventional mass media and social networks in a bid to reach out to the people (Adeleye, 2017). The more pastors seek education from theology schools, the more they get to understand the Christian religion and have a clear and informed interpretation of the Biblical teachings. The Christian faith is likely to be suppressed in the future as far the commercialization and dilution of church events are concerned (Adeleye, 2017). The more pastors encourage the promotion of business activities and political movements in church, the more they engage in weakening Christianity in the long run.


Pastors need to seek a positive integration between Christianity and the modern progressive humanity culture. The more people are becoming exposed to technological advancements through internet connectivity, the more the pastors need to use such platforms to get in touch with their followers (McGowan, 2018). From an educational perspective, it will be imperative that Christian leaders attend theology schools and acquire formal knowledge and more information regarding Biblical teachings (McGowan, 2018). It is the role of the Christian leaders to ensure that their Christian faith remains strong, not infiltrated by bodily desires and temptations. Pastors are supposed to act as role models to their followers by showing them the devotion to Christian beliefs and values (McGowan, 2018).


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