Biodiversity is generally the variety of life found on the earth's surface. We have many benefits attributed to preserving biodiversity, which could explain why it is a critical aspect in the life of all living things as well as nonliving things. For human beings, biodiversity benefits have affected most of my life making it better and easier as well as helping me learn to appreciate the gifts of Mother Nature.

For a long period, I have relied on it to acquire timber for construction of houses as well as timber for sale. This has helped improve my living standards since I earn a fortune from the sales of both timber and the houses. Moreover, I rely on biodiversity for fuel since I get charcoal from the trees as well as firewood for my fireplace that saves me the trouble of extra expenses of purchasing gas. Biodiversity also provides food from the agricultural crops as well as fish. Apart from being a direct source of food, the crops are further used to make medicines, which I can use whenever I am unwell. Moreover, some crops that grow on the surface of the earth can also be used in producing fiber that is used to make clothes that every human being needs. This diversifies the importance of biodiversity to not only direct economic benefit but also indirect economic benefits.

Every human being requires pure water and air to live a healthy life. Biodiversity plays the role of purifying the air and water to make it fit for consumption. An earlier estimate by scientists proved that the world cannot afford the cost of air purification therefore the only solution for that is the biodiversity. The air purification happens when trees absorb all toxic gases and release oxygen to the atmosphere. Trees also ensure temperature regulation as well as completing the process of water cycle that leads to rain. This helps in climate stabilization since the ecosystem is running well. This explains why natural calamities occur when people cut many trees. The drastic climatic change can also lead to disappearance of some important species on the earth's surface. Trees also offer shelter to animals that live in the forest.

All living things require plants directly or indirectly for them to acquire food for survival. For the plants to grow well, they require fertile soil. Biodiversity ensures that there is existence of many organisms required to create soils and maintain soil fertility through complex cycles. Roots of plants break up rock to create soil particles, small animals like mites and earthworms help in giving soil its texture and fertility and they also help in soil aeration when this occurs, plants are able to grow well hence providing food for the living things.

Biodiversity also helps allow the natural environment to deal with calamities floods and fires. For instance if a species seizes to exist, an area with more other related species will probably deal with changes better than the areas with a single species. Because of biodiversity, there is genetic diversity in species. This prevents illnesses in the species and helps them adapt well to new environments. It has also helped in ensuring plant species do not go extinct through pollination. Moreover, as a result of biodiversity, there are plants that eat or consume insects and pests that attack them hence protecting themselves.

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