Building Own Desktop Computer

Computers have become a necessity all over the world to an extent that there is the need to have a personal one to avoid constant visits to the cyber which may be straining or at times congested. Desktops may be heavier that laptops but they are very powerful machines that can be easily upgraded without having to follow many complicated steps like in laptops that may require multiple changes of the hardware. The convenience is that when you connect the desktop to the internet via an Ethernet cable it is easier to do personal tasks online with minimal interruptions. When designing a personal desktop computer it is possible to upgrade it to have all the required specifications unlike when you buy a fully fixed machine.

The desktop should be 17 inch or above so that it can be converted into a television if need be. The big display will enable me to have a bigger screen surface on which multiple displays may be made and it is much easier to use it compared to the small ones especially after concentrating on the screen for longer hours and the words start becoming blurred. Memory space must be at least 320 GB to cater for the research materials, videos, music, images and other forms of documents that need to be archived for future referencing. The advantage of a desktop is that in case the hard drive space is limited at a time it can be easily upgraded by replacing the existing hard drive with a bigger one such as 500 GB HDD. External hard drives may be an option for storing the information that will not be used often or requires to be kept in more secure locations to prevent them from being tampered with or stolen. A reliable desktop computer must have a processor speed of above 1.4 GHZ so that it will be able to support the necessary processes. It will be used for personal activities only so there will be limited number of processes to be done at the same time. Due to technological advancements it is very common to use the projectors in classrooms and seminars to do presentations hence the computer must be able to support VGA cable connections.

Some of the constraints of having a desktop are that they require larger desk space. It is a necessity to have a keyboard, mouse and at times external speakers since the inbuilt ones may be poor in functionalities. Moving the machine from place to place may be straining because it is bulk and may require some time to reconnect. The final challenge is the fact that desktops must always be connected to a power source.

Desktop Computer Picture and Specifications

Dell OptiPlex GX 620, Intel Pentium 4 531/3 GHZ, 1 MB cache memory, 4 GB DDR2 Ram, 320 GB hard drive space , one processor and supports VGA.

Desktops may have some constraints as listed above but they are very powerful machines and less vulnerable compared to laptops which may be easily stolen or tampered with. Upgrading desktops to have more powerful functionalities is much easier and less expensive compared to when doing upgrades to laptops. As a conclusion, desktops are the best fit for use in homes and offices where there is no need to move them around.


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