Sebkova (2012) defines euphemism as way of substituting and expression that can be offending to one that is agreeable or inoffensive. Three euphemisms for something people do not like talking about include disability, prostitution and abortion. Examples, people would use the expression differently able instead of calling the person handicapped, people would say a person has turned a trick instead of engaging in prostitution, and people would say Pregnancy termination as an alternative of expressing directly as abortion.

The video reveals that the difference in communication between men and women their expressions (Saavedra, 2012). Women are more emotional during expression while men are less emotional. Women tend to exaggerate their expressions while men are calm. Men can learn from women better methods of expressing joy. Women expression seems to be more real than men. On the other hand, women can learn from men on how to minimize exaggeration when expressing their emotion.

I am a visual listener. A visual listener is a person who listens better through sensory enhancements like pictures and color (Boundless, 2015). This type of listener has little attention to text. For example, when a presentation is being made, I find it easy to engage with visuals rather than words. I tend to have a better comprehension when the presenter uses quotes, anecdotes, examples, colors, picture and other visual aids.

Yes, I usually hold more than one conversation at a time. However, there was this one time I was not able to listen well. I was texting a friend while talking to another on a video call. I found myself loosing track to listen well on the communication online because the thoughts in the conversation were unrelated. When holding two conversations at once, there is a high possibility of losing concentration on one conversation. However, one may gain the advantage of multitasking (Harmon, 2010).


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