Constitutional Amendment of American constitution

Consideration of a convention to introduce amendments under Article V of the United States of America Constitution. Currently as it is, under article v of the Constitution, Congress upon the application of two-thirds of the states, shall introduce a convention for the introduction of constitutional amendments. An Article V convention, bypassing Congress completely, the President, the courts and the federal bureaucracy is likely to give the states and the Nationals a direct role in the determination of how much power the federal government should have and whether some of the powers it already has should be returned to the states and the people. The processes that are specified in Article V of the Constitution raises questions that may require keen consideration regarding how such a convention could work, the type of amendments that it might introduce and whether some of the amendments could successfully reign in the federal government. With or without a convention like this one, it is important that the American people maintain their focus on holding the Congress, the President, and the federal agencies that are responsible and accountable for the decisions that they make every day.

Structural problems that result in a form of federal tyranny can be remedied best through an Article V convention. This could be made possible through giving the people more direct part to play in establishing how much powers the federal government should have and if there are some it needs to return to the citizens. Article V convention could allow the states to convene to propose the amendments among themselves, completely bypassing the courts, the Congress the President and the federal bureaucracy (Malcolm, 2016). Article V of the United States Constitution outlines the avenues to amending the Constitution; it provides two distinct ways through which constitutional amendments can be proposed; first is by two of the House of Representatives members and the Senate or by a convention called by Congress following an application of two-thirds of the states.

Article V was put in place to strike a balance through effecting a compromise between those people who might wish to treat the Constitution as if it were just a piece of legislation that is easily amended and those who wish to perceive it impossible to amend the Constitution. Article V ensures through ratification that the Constitutional amendments have relevant support among the people by seeking ratification of the proposed amendments by seventy-five percent of the effect; that is before it could take effect. There are lists of wishes regarding potential constitutional amendments from different people across the political divide. The amendment of Article V of the Constitution through the inclusion of the Convention will have a positive impact on politics in America. With the convention limiting amount of power exercised by the federal government, the politicians are more likely to subordinate their personal interests to the national interests that are for the common good of the people. The United States have one of the most complete democratic systems in the world and the Convention would work to strengthen the American democracy. This could be made possible through the devolved system of constitutional amendment whereby the people and the states have the power to dictate how the process should be carried out to achieve a common good of the country.

The United States of America Constitution have been amended twenty-seven times; a convention of the states for introducing the amendments has not been called for prior to date (Foran, 2015). All the twenty-seven amendments originated in the Congress and then later sent to all the states for ratification process to take its due course. The inclusion of the convention in the Article V of the constitution is likely to bring about a crisis where different people with different views will seek to randomly change the Law to suit their positions. This is likely to demean the rule of law and dilute the strong, rich and original constitution that was put to pen by the founding fathers of the country.

Delegating power to the people and the states in America is likely to have some positive economic and social impacts to the people of America. The Article V convention of the Constitution could determine the powers that are possessed by the federal government but need to be returned to the citizens. This could mean that national interests and policies are in the hands of the accountable grassroots in the country (Balcerzak, 2016). The people know what is best for the country, and they are the ones who experience every day challenges in life, and so when they have the power in their domains, they are more likely to act accordingly as compared to when all powers are left to the politicians. Through possessing the power in their hands, the masses’ social status goes up because they are responsible and accountable for their collective actions and decisions made. The people will have the power to instigate economic reforms through curtailing some of the powers possessed by the federal government. This is possible because the people will be in a position to control the constitutional amendments and regulate them on the grounds of potential economic viability and common good for the country.

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