Crunch Fitness interview

5. Do you spend time with any of your workers outside work?

Yes I do spend time with my colleagues outside work. We usually meet for mentorship program which is we started as a way of encouraging one another.

6. Is there any mentorship program?

Yes there is an unofficial mentorship program. The main idea of it is encouraging the young professionals to work hard and the older ones to hold on still to the ethical professional dealings with clients and colleagues.

7. Except for sensitive information, do people know what is going on? If so how are they informed?

The organization is open in all matters of communication. This communication is officially done through email alerts to all the employees. The channel of communication is from the human resource manager to the heads of the various departments. After receiving the email alert, the departmental heads then distribute the message to the various persons under them. Communication is also done verbally in the organization. This is mainly during meetings and also at times during the normal working hours when everyone is in the office.

8. Is everyone encouraged to participate in discussions and have dissenting opinions? (If so give an example)

Yes people are encouraged to participate in discussions. This is mainly done by giving everyone a chance to speak during discussions. Dissenting opinions are also welcome during such discussions. Recently we had a discussion about new sheets and the members of the staff, Jay and Travis had dissenting opinions about the quality of the sheets that were to be purchased.

9. How Can an Employee be successful here?

The only way an employee can be successful is through the retention of the clients. This is mainly done through consistently ensuring that the clients are satisfied fully.

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