Description of a print advertisement (outdoor ad)

Similar to written texts, composers carefully construct visual texts not only to shape meaning, but also to affect and influence people viewing the texts. The type of visual text analyzed in this paper (shown below) is an outdoor advertisement, a form of print advertisement usually used to develop product recognition. The print advertisement has been used to build a wider public coverage and increase frequency of exposure in places where there is high mobility of people from one place to another.

Since this is an outdoor ad, the composer kept it simple with a single minded visual message to the audience to make it achieve more presence on the street. The composer of the print also avoided extraneous when creating it, hence viewers can create an impression from it within a very short time. This print advertisement was designed in a way that it brings life to the street. Aesthetic, intrigue and humorous representation were used in the advert to help capture the attention of the viewer.

When designing the above advert, the composer considered distance as one of key factors to help it achieve its purpose. Ideally, viewers have limited time to view outdoor ads due to the fact that they are always in a motion. By acknowledging this fact, the composer used a unique style and a combination of orange, grey, white and black colors to allow views to see and develop meaning from the advert from a distance. The brand name ‘ALDO’ is written in black and in bold letters, as well as appropriate design, making it legible at a reasonable distance. On the aspect of color, the advert was designed using high contrasting colors. As such, it creates a great impact as the message on it can clearly be communicated to the viewer. Additionally, legibility of the advert by viewers has been enhanced by use of the right size and choice of type. The type is clear, simple and easy to read by viewers.

The advert was designed targeting women audience. The lady in the advert is seen to relax and having uninterrupted moment, which I think the composer wanted to communicate what ‘ALDO’ does for women who use it. Although it is unrealistic for a piece of orange to hold a person as depicted in the advert, the composer was trying to emphasize how the product can uplift the self-esteem women and make their life refreshing always.

The images on the advert can engage and evoke the feelings of viewers when they look at it because the designer used some humor in its design. By looking at the advert, the viewer can easily develop a smile and feel thrilled. In fact, it can attract the attention of viewers from a distance because of the combination of bright colours to design it. The wording ‘ALDO’ is legible from a distance and even if an individual who does not about the product would be eager to find more information about it. The perfect use of color in the design of the advert makes it achieve its purpose since viewers can easily get the messages it is meant to communicate. Generally, a viewer can easily tell the benefits of the product by interacting with the advert because it connects well with the target audience.

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