How to be a Better Writer

How to be a Better Writer

In the online class, engaging in peer review will be a useful writing tip. Having someone read my work will inform me whether it makes sense because one’s brain cannot be trusted exclusively. Also, being visual and conversational will be instrumental in the online class experience because the written work will be concrete and make the reader see the idea rather than try to impress with irrelevant jargon. From previously taken online classes, I have the tip of engaging in reading widely. The knowledge base is too broad to read from one source and hence I seek to continuously learn from multiple sources.

Get to Know Gaming Websites

From reading the article, it is clear that the gaming industry is among the fastest growing entertainment activities in the United States. From a personal standpoint, the gaming sector will continue to gain popularity among people in the country because it offers recreation and refreshing feeling. From the article, it came as a surprise to me that gaming is an activity that has gained prevalence among people from different walks of life in the country. I thought that the low middle income individuals are the ones who are more involved in gaming. However, statistical data indicate that more than 25 percent of gaming CIS managers hold a master’s degree or higher education accomplishments. Further, about 45 percent of gaming’s labor force is made of minority employees and this indicates that there is diversity in gaming engagement among people in the United States.

Gaming Careers: Gateway to Middleclass

From reading the article, I think that the gaming industry is instrumental in supporting cohesive communities and robust economies such as that of Las Vegas. For this reason; the gaming sector is important to the socio-economic statuses of the people. Gaming is a productive economic engine that generates $240 billion in the country’s economy and creates $38 billion in tax revenues per annum in the United States. It is estimated that by the year 2024, the gaming industry will have created more than 62,000 additional employment opportunities in the United States economy. In the future I will be a part of the gaming industry. I think that I will actively engage myself in casinos as a recreational activity and to develop new networks. The article surprised me on the grounds of the manner in which it represents gaming as an integral part of the people. It is insightful to learn that on top of being a recreational endeavor, gaming comes as an economic powerhouse and is a source of livelihood for many individuals and their households.

Core Rules of Netiquette

Netiquette is network etiquette which is otherwise referred to as decorum of cyberspace. Netiquette is important to our social class because it facilitates adherence to online standards that are congruent to those followed in real life situations. It is important for people to identify their positions in the cyberspace and accord respect to other individuals’ bandwidth and time. In an online class it is always important to observe professionalism and strict confinement to academic content displayed on the online platforms. In an online class, it is important to avoid using inappropriate knowledge and posting casual material or irrelevant content that is entirely irrelevant to the class academics.

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