How to Force Yourself to Finish Your Essay if You Get Stuck

Do you need to complete your essay before the fast-approaching deadline but you cannot get yourself to do it? Are you having a hard time beating procrastination? Worry not, we are here to offer you tips that can help you get past your current situation. By reading this article, you will know what it takes to win the battle against writer’s block, as well as how to write your essay when you are stuck.

Tip #1 –Set a Timer

The fast-approaching deadline is the best motivation for you to sit at your study desk and continue writing the essay until you are through. If you have several hours until the time you are required to submit your paper, it is very possible for you to relax and not to get motivated enough. You, therefore, need to calculate, realistically, how much time you need to complete your essay, then you can set your timer. Defining a timeframe will help you focus on finishing the essay, without deceiving yourself that you have a lot of time left.

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Tip #2 -Put aside the perfectionist mentality

This might be the most tricky tip to execute, but once you get your way around it then you are good to go. It is not about completing your essay in a hurry without putting in the right amount of effort, but about making the essay writing process continuous. You will have to give up perfectionism, instead of sticking right in the middle of a sentence simply because you cannot generate, for instance, a clear thesis statement that you think would perhaps give you the best grade.

Writing an impressive essay involves making edits to your draft, and slowly polishing up on the roughly stipulated idea. If you frequently struggle with procrastination, then you should never try to make the essay perfect in the first attempt. Your goal should be to keep writing as the ideas come until you reach the required word count, then you can go through it later. For now, though, you should aim at completing the first draft.

Tip #3-Take breaks

Your productivity and creativity are usually determined by very complicated brain processes. You cannot simply switch them on or off like a light bulb switch. If you are exhausted and sleepy, then you will need to sleep so that your brain can rest. You can also put your essay aside for about 30 minutes or so, without thinking about it or doing anything related to it. You can use this period to do the dishes, listen to music, or watch an episode of your best show. When you get back to writing your essay, you will be in a better position to get a fresh look at it and to determine a new approach to making the ideas flow.

You should also aim at having a break after around 45 minutes of writing. It is counter-productive to pull an all-nighter without getting some little rest. You can work for 45 minutes and take a 15-minute break so that your mind can freshen up enough to continue generating fresh ideas.

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Tip #4 –Use a reward system

When it comes to staying motivated, the use of a reward system is an approach that is quite effective in several spheres of life. You can, for instance, recall how you tried to clear certain tasks before getting permission to play video games.

Even in the current situation, you can use the reward system to get yourself to complete the essay. The reward should be one that is quite thrilling and one that you look forward to. This strategy will boost your motivation to stay on course.

#Tip 5 – Seek help

Sometimes all you need is a little push to get things done. You can, for instance, talk to your friend or tutor. This does not mean that you request your friend to write the essay for you. You can, however, get someone to have a look at what you have managed to write so far, in a bid to identify which ideas you can expand on more, or you haven’t written about. The person you talk to can also drive your attention to some major mistakes you have made, along with advising on how to rectify them.

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The above-listed tips are all you need to know how to force yourself to finish your essay if you get stuck. Do not hesitate to contact our expert writing team for help with the writing, polishing up, and proofreading of your essay.

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