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Updated: Apr 25

If you have already written an academic essay in the past, you possibly understand the essence of having a strong thesis statement. The quality of the grade that you get in the academic paper is to a great extent dependent on the introduction that you make. If the thesis statement is not sufficiently compelling, then the validity of the arguments you have lined up is at stake. Without a proper introduction, you might also end up misleading your reasoning. With a thoughtful thesis statement, however, more than half of the structure of your essay is well-prepared, and you will be certain that you will have smooth sailing until the conclusion of the essay. For that reason, it is quite crucial to open the essay with a strong thesis statement, and this article will direct you on how to go about that.

What is a thesis statement?

By definition, a thesis statement is a precise and concise idea that you intend to prove throughout the essay or paper that you are writing. It is a statement that outlines what the reader can expect to read throughout the entire essay. In most cases, the thesis statement is usually placed right at the end of the introductory paragraph that presents the context of the essay to the readers and shows them what you will be discussing. If you are writing an argumentative essay, then a strong thesis statement is very necessary, as it must be presented in its three-element constitution.

In addition to that, coming up with a strong thesis statement is quite necessary since you will be required to refer to it throughout the essay, as you build up your ideas. If it is weak, then you will probably run out of ideas very soon. As you can see, the thesis statement is meant to express the ideas that you intend to deliver in the essay, hence introducing them in the thesis statement will build a solid foundation for your discussion.

What are the elements of a strong thesis statement?

In most cases, you will not need any special skills to come up with a strong thesis statement. You may, however, need to do sufficient research before coming up with the thesis statement. Below, we shall list the three main components of a strong thesis statement that do not require any creativity for you to come up with them. You could, for instance, be writing an essay about the sugar tax in the UK. A reasonable thesis statement will have the following components:

1. The Statement on your position

This is the part of the thesis statement that presents your stand or opinion on the issue at hand. In the essay above, the statement on your position could be the UK government needs to introduce the sugar tax for all the food manufacturers.

This will suffice as a good thesis statement, but we shall still need to address the other two elements of a strong thesis statement.

2. Why you believe in your opinion

To make the thesis statement strong, it will be necessary for you to acknowledge the reason you stand in the position that you have chosen. In the topic presented above, you could, for instance, give the reason behind taking your stand as: “It is necessary for the consumption of sugar to be reduced owing to the increase in health issues amongst the people living in the UK.

When the reason for supporting your position is given, then the validity of your statement increases, and it stands out from other bare opinions.

3. The statement of the limiting factor

Your argument also needs to be complex. The best way to make it complex is through the introduction of a controversial issue. If you cannot come up with a controversial issue for the argument that you are presenting, then it means that the solution to the problem at hand is obvious. This means that you should acknowledge any existing limitation, or even present an opposing argument in the thesis statement. In the topic presented above, the limitation can, for instance, be: “ The introduction of a sugar tax is in itself quite challenging procedurally, as well as economically.”

It is the existence of such a limitation that increases the importance of the topic that is being discussed, and this goes a long way into the enhancement of the validity of your reasoning.

Once you have defined the three components of the thesis statement, it is time to bring them together into one or two sentences. You will need to use linking words when constructing the thesis statement, as this will make it more concise and cohesive. In our sample topic presented above, for instance, you can have the thesis statement presented as:

Due to an increase in the number of health issues that are related to the consumption of sugar, and despite the underlying procedural complications, the United Kingdom government needs to introduce the sugar tax for all food manufacturers.”

As you can see, coming up with a strong thesis statement does not require that you possess any creative competencies. You can, through putting together the three main components of the thesis statement, present a strong argument that will enable you to build up a sequence of valid ideas throughout the entire essay. Be sure to read the thesis statement to verify that it does not repeat the topic of your essay. Upon completing the thesis statement properly, the three aspects you have highlighted will guide you on how to develop the paragraphs in your essay, since it is necessary for you to discuss each component at length. If you are having a hard time coming up with a strong thesis statement and Essay, kindly reach out to Custom Essay Writing for quality and timely help.

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