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A critical essay is a type of writing in which an author interprets the knowledge presented in a certain text upon conducting analysis or evaluation. When writing a critical essay, the author should highlight an idea or argument that informs the readers about how themes and ideas are presented in a piece of literature. After that, the writer should offer enough support to back up their claims using both primary and secondary sources of information.

Most students usually choose to tackle critical essays from a negative point of view. The term “critical”, nevertheless, does not imply that one has to take a negative point of view. The term simply points to giving the paper an analytical or discerning outlook.

The main objective of critical essays is to analyze and evaluate the meaning or significance borne by certain pieces of text, as opposed to judging the quality of the content. A common example of a critical essay is a book review. In such compositions, you will find the authors of the critical essays stating both positive and negative elements of the text.

A significant number of students face challenges when they are composing critical essays. One of the main challenges lies in their low writing competency, which makes them score very dismal points. Such students can seek professional guidance, to ensure that they score better grades.

Some students do not know how to write a strong thesis statement for their essays. A general rule about thesis statements is that they should be clear and concise. This sentence ushers readers into the discussion, as you offer them something to expect. With a poorly drafted thesis statement, the writer ends up confusing him or herself, as well as the audience reading the essay.

As you discuss your ideas within the critical essay, you should tie them up with the thesis statement. You should also strive to present key ideas in separate paragraphs. Begin every paragraph in the essay with a clear opening line that introduces the idea you intend to discuss. When the ideas in the body of the critical essay do not reflect what is in the thesis statement, then the entire essay ends up lacking logical flow.

Extra tips for writing a critical essay

A critical essay can cover a wide variety of topics, including:

- Poetry

- Films

- Video games

- Novels

Despite the diversity of the topics covered in the critical essay, it should not miss some of the following main features:

To begin with, a critical essay should not lack a central argument about the work you are analyzing. Typically, this claim should only be made at the beginning of the paper and presented in the form of a thesis statement. Every other point that follows should have supportive facts and evidence. You can also bolster the claims you make by introducing counterarguments. Afterward, use evidence to discredit them.

Within your critical essay, the majority of evidence and facts you present should be presented in text form. You can also make use of specific details collected from certain reference material, including descriptions, imagery, and dialogue. These serve to strengthen the claims you make.

Once you have presented the claims and offered support through evidence, you should end your critical essay with a short but clear conclusion. It needs to sum up the perspective of the main arguments in your essay and to emphasize the very crucial insights.

How to compose a critical essay

Composing a top-scoring critical essay calls for the application of analytical skills, as well as the careful creation of arguments. If done properly, this will lead to the essay being memorable. If you are having difficulties in drafting the critical essay, then you can do the following:

Train on how to do active reading

The application of these strategies helps you retain your focus so that you can absorb a lot of information. This will help you collect and deliver evidence for the critical essay at all stages.

Look at critical essay examples and templates

If you have never composed a critical essay before, then you will find it quite challenging to draft a high-quality paper. Before writing the paper, it will be a good idea to go through critical essays that have been published by other writers. Pay close attention to the way those writers have presented their ideas, their writing style, and their composition structure. If you pick ideas and use them in your essay, be sure to make a list of the sources from which you borrowed the information.

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