How to Write a Domestic Violence Research Paper

Updated: Apr 25

Domestic violence is a very common social problem in the current day world. The same can be said of divorce, with more and more young couples going through a divorce after a year or two into marriage. A significant number of men, women, and children suffer from domestic violence daily. This happens to be the reason why students in colleges and universities are tasked with writing domestic violence research papers, and research papers about divorce.

Herein, we shall go through the main elements of a good domestic violence research violence paper, in a bid to see to it that you are well equipped for your next assignment of this kind.

Domestic Violence Research Paper Outline

The outline we shall present below can also be applied to other types of research papers. If you are writing a research paper about domestic violence, the outline may be then be modified to address the research topic. The main parts of your domestic violence research paper should include:

1. The abstract

In your abstract, you should highlight the main points of your paper, so that the readers can be in a position to determine whether your research is in line with their interests. This is the section in which you get to mention the following points:

- The purpose of your research.

- The basic design of your research

- The key finding and outstanding facts

- A brief conclusion.

2. The introduction

This section connects directly to the abstract and is useful in giving additional information about the topic at hand. The introduction is quite useful in showing how the issues you are going to discuss are important, as well as why your readers should take their time to study them. You should also not forget to write a thesis statement.

3. The literature review section

The literature review section is used to present very interesting findings from past research and publications. This is the section in which you share all the major statistics and materials, as you prove how much work researchers have put into the underlying field of knowledge. Do not forget to mention the research gaps in the current literature, and to shed light on the areas that need further investigation.

4. The methodology

In this section, you should highlight the methods that you used to investigate the issues at hand. You should also point out any weaknesses that the chosen research methods have.

5. Results

This is the section in which you share the findings on your topic. If for instance, you collected your data through a structured questionnaire, you should discuss the results at length. You can use tables and diagrams to illustrate various results since people understand visual data better.

6. Conclusion

In the conclusion section, you should sum up the major facts that you have disclosed in the entire paper. Proceed to demonstrate the significance of your findings, and then highlight the main findings from the research. You can also present new approaches to thinking about the issues you have discussed.

Note: The outline of your domestic violence research paper may take another form, especially when field studies were not involved. In such a case, you can instead of discussing the methodology and results sections, discuss other ideas about the issues at hand.

How to Find the Right Topic for Your Domestic Violence Research Paper

Divorce and domestic violence cases are comprised of numerous underlying issues. Coming up with a specific topic can, therefore, be confusing and challenging. You can, however, view the topics from social, psychological, historical, and economic points of view. You can also analyze how this problem affects people of different races and ethnicities. Below are some of how you can find just the right topic for your domestic violence research paper.

- Revisit the topics you have previously discussed in class.

- Brainstorm. Open a blank document or use a blank sheet of paper to think about a variety of ideas surrounding the topic at hand. If you are in an environment in which you can concentrate, you will end up with several ideas about domestic violence, and you can settle on one that is valuable to this field of knowledge.

- Go through papers that have been written by other researchers. You should be able to go through any database that you can access, and peruse through theses and dissertations that are connected to domestic violence. Come up with a list of all the interesting topics, and go through them carefully to see which concepts you can narrow down on.

- Browse the internet. The internet is packed with information related to a wide variety of topics, including domestic violence. You can use it to search for the facts and information that was not discussed at length in class. If you take enough time to search through various sources of information, you will most definitely end up with a topic that will intrigue your professor.

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