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If you are in college, then the chances are high that your English professor will assign you a reaction paper. In institutions, it is referred to as a response paper, and that’s also acceptable. Essentially, this type of writing is exactly what it sounds like. You are expected to read a book, or specific text, to watch a film or listen to a podcast so that you can give your reaction to the content. You will at times, have to do thorough research about the text or content you are expected to respond to. If this task seems overwhelming, you can get essay writing help from the best academic writing company there is.

Like the other tasks your professors will assign you in college, the main problem does not lie in why you were assigned the paper, but in how to do the paper. This is where you will find yourself typing “how to write a reaction paper” on your search engine. Are there specific rules that should be followed? You should be encouraged to know that it is fine to get help with a reaction paper, more so if you have never written this type of paper before. Below is a guide that you can also follow to achieve great results:

How to write the introduction of your reaction paper

We have outlined some steps on how to write a reaction paper that will help you complete your assignment with minimal or no dismay. This guide will address various elements of the paper, including how to write an introduction for a response paper.

Examples of topics you will be expected to cover in your reaction paper

Before writing the reaction paper, or the introduction, you need a topic that is themed on some text. If your professor has not specified the text you should read, then you can choose from any of the following topics/themes:

Childcare and family-related issues

- Ethical and religious elements surrounding LGBT adoption.

- The role of the environment in the existence of hyperactive children.

Mental health issues and behavior

- The causes and effects of shyness in adults.

- Major and minor signs of emotional abuse.

- How habits are formed and changed.

Crime and society issues

- The emotional effects of solitary confinement

- The effect of crime on people’s lives.

If you are in a position to, you should choose a reaction paper that you can easily write an introduction and thesis for.

Summarizing the text or content

The first step you will have to take when writing a reaction paper is to summarize the outline format or the sample as most people call it. Developing an outline for your reaction paper is one of the best ways to ensure that you remain focused and that your thoughts are well-aligned. You can use a highlighter as you read the text you are reacting to, to point out the key points that you will use in the summary.

When you have gone through the entire text, go back, and write the summary based on the highlighted points. Be sure to include the following in your summary:

- The author of the text, and the title of the publication.

- If you were tasked with writing a reaction to a video podcast or a film, you must identify the creator of the film. Also, for movies that have subtitles, you can quote some sections.

- Quotations that you will include in the summary. You should also include the page numbers.

- The key ideas and points, as well as the content that supports them.

Remember not to get too informative in the summary- Strive to keep all facts condensed.

The next step lies in going over your syllabus, to ensure that you are using the right formatting approach. This will help you set the paper in a manner that will not surprise your professor.

For your assignment, you will want to consider any questions that your professor requires you to focus on. Other additional information that will be expected of you in the reaction paper includes:

- How is the text at hand related to the course you are studying?

- If applicable, how does the text you are reacting to help solve the current world’s problems?

- What association can you make between the text and your life? Does it have any impact on the way you think or live?

- How has your perspective on the issues brought up in the reaction paper changed? If they have not changed, what perspective did you hold about them before reading the text?

- Did the content you were reading trigger any sort of emotional arousal within you?

- Is the text or film relevant in the present-day world? Did it shape history in any way?

- Would you recommend that text or film to other scholars? Why or why not?

These are the most important tips on how to write a reaction paper. With the help from the nerds at Custom Essay Writing, you can get your assignment done at a very fair price, as you focus on studying for the crucial tests in your course.

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