The Sacred Bath: An American Teen’s Story of Modern Day Slavery

A majority of stakeholders in global society assume that human trafficking only occurs in highly underdeveloped countries in the world. It is common knowledge that slave trade was eradicated in the United States centuries ago. However, Theresa Flore shares the narrative of her experiencing human trafficking and being held captive while residing at an upper-middle-class exurbia of Detroit in Michigan. At the age of 15 years, the Flore was drugged, sexually abused, and brutally oppressed for two years (Flores 3). She was held in enslavement and forced into paying back an unserviceable debt.

Flore tried to keep her family shielded from her troubles and attended school as usual. Under the power of her tormenters, the Flore was engaged in heinous activities of an underground criminal gang and had to endure immense suffering. In the text, the Flore discusses the manner in which she asphyxiated the psychosomatic desolation of erotic serfdom and extends guidance to both the parentages and other experts on the deterrence of such occurrences. Flore also educates and offers relevant information regarding human trafficking in contemporary America.

From the text, I learned that a family member could be experiencing societal violence without the knowledge of the other household personnel. Flore was going through a difficult time in her family, but the siblings and the parents were not in touch with her troubles. I also learned that the issue of family violence affects developed countries such as the United States in the same way it does in the developing nations. There are various forms of slavery, beyond the trade that was abolished hundreds of years ago. From the text, the sexual servitude to which Flore was exposed is a form of slavery that contemporary society could overlook, but it exists.

I agree with the text on the role that parents and other professionals such as teachers and counsellors have in countering modern-day human trafficking and slavery. Unfortunately, Flore could be experiencing such devastating events in her life, but both the teachers and parents were not aware of the same. I agree with the text that the older generations should initiative effective communication with the younger ones. Parents and teachers are supposed to take great interest in the lives of their children and learners, respectively. In this way; it is possible to detect troublesome experiences before it is too late for the young ones.

The text is reflected by the class discussions on account of aspects of family dynamics. In line with the class discussions, it is clear that families conduct their affairs differently. Some parents are highly interested even in the trivial details of their children’s lives, whereas others view their children as independent and mature thinkers who desire minimal guidance. Flore brings out the nature of her family as that which the children were not closely monitored by the parents. The text reflects class discussions by raising the recommendation of parents and guardians taking keen interests in the social activities in which their children engage.

From my knowledge, it is clear that there is a problem of human trafficking in the contemporary Chinese social setting. In the month of June 2019, Chinese law enforcement agencies freed more than 1,100 victims of human trafficking (Pinghui par1). The police targeted the Southeast Asian network and managed to arrest some of the perpetrators of this heinous act. A substantial number of the victims was traded as brides, having been lured to the Republic of China with false promises of gainful employment and high standards of living. Such modern-day experiences are a reflection of Flore’s text because they show how women are engaged in trafficking in search of stable homes for themselves and their families.

The book is a high-quality product with a real reflection of contemporary American society. There are no many things that it could have done differently, but I wish to point out one. The author is supposed to have extended this debate to the political circles and their responsibility to control human trafficking and modern-day society. The United States government is among the most powerful administrations in the world, and it ought to be held accountable for the existence of human trafficking and slavery within its jurisdiction and even other parts of the world. Flore should have engaged the government further on this matter.

Different stakeholders will benefit from this text. Among them are potential victims of human trafficking and modern-day slavery. They will use Flore’s experiences as a reference point and avoid going through similar events in their lives. Additionally, parents and other experts involved in children matters will benefit from the text because they are informed of the manner in which they can prevent the occurrences of human trafficking and slavery among the young ones. The government is a major beneficiary of the text because Flore offers pertinent information regarding human trafficking and slavery in contemporary America. In this way; stakeholders in the government can develop strategy and policies to counter such activities based on the information that the author provides in the book


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