Cloud Databases and Information Privacy

What Is the Role of God’s Word in the Current Information Control and Privacy?

Information control in the contemporary technological world has been the major aspect in assuring privacy and efficiency of all the systems that require technological developments and innovations. However, the level of computing technology required to guarantee maximum data and information privacy become conspired when it comes to cloud computing and cloud databases. The technology of cloud databases becomes beneficial in consideration to reduced business operations cost, accuracy, and reliability. On the other hand, the efficiency of cloud databases does not guarantee safety and privacy of any individual’s data or information. The only reason behind the privacy and security fact is that, information specialists and professionals are human beings who in their capacity do not guarantee information privacy on a 100% basis. Having the full control of any individual’s information or data, means that computer and information systems specialists may either unknowingly or unintentionally provide your valuable information to other sources. The ultimate result is a breach of privacy and ultimate individual security in the current world. Therefore, the question of the God’s word role in ensuring your privacy and confidentiality in relation to technological associated data and information is relevant and worth a deeper thought.

Information privacy is a vital aspect especially in the current technological world. Any loophole to an individual or organization’s vital information can lead to massive losses and ultimately collapse of the particular victims. Legal ethics and discipline at work are the only key factors to ensuring maximum privacy and confidentiality of any individual or business organization regardless the religion or believe. For example, God’s word clearly stipulates that you should do to your neighbor whatever you would like to be done to you. On the other hand, God has given each and every human the power to choose the right from the wrong. Therefore, God’s control over the current information privacy and security depends on how each IT or computer specialist in power views and obeys God’s work. Therefore, Work ethics, discipline, and internal personality are the key aspects in determining the security and privacy in regard to information and data.


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