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Eldercare is the satisfaction of special wants and needs that are exceptional to the elder citizens. The term refers to services such as assisted living, long-term care, nursing homes, adult day care, and sanatorium care. Elderly care emphasizes the personal and social needs of senior citizens. Older adults need assistance with daily activities and healthcare, and they also desire to grow old in dignity. Although they may have the financial abilities to meet a majority of their needs, these people do not have the physical strength to run all their errands personally. It is in this sense that they need help from other people. Offering care services to the older calls for personal values and understanding because it is not an ordinary job. In this paper, I talk about the personal values and attitudes that I have towards offering services to the older people.

Growing up from childhood to adulthood, I have learned about the dignity and worth of a person regardless of age, gender, or ethnic affiliation. I observed how my parents treated by grandparents with respect and care during their old ages. In this sense, I highly regard the old people and believe that they deserve good treatment from us, as the younger generations. I respect the older people because we exist since they came before us and made it possible for us to be alive today. Also, it is a matter of time, and other people of my age and I will be elderly and somewhat helpless. Observing the dignity of the old people means taking them as equal members of the society who deserve a decent life like the rest of the people. Beyond giving them a good life, it is important to embrace warm relations with the old people.

Offering the senior citizens a good life is important, but additionally, it is healthy to develop warm relationships with them. My parents taught me that good fortune comes from having cordial interactions with the elder members of the society. Both of my parents could spend a great deal of time with my grandparents and other old people. My father constantly drew pieces of advice from the older people, and so he taught me that age comes with wisdom. According to him, old people have a broad range of unutilized intellectual resources that the young people can tap and exploit. From this assertion, I have come to appreciate the positive impact that the elder people can have in the society. They are capable of advising agendas in personal, family, or even national levels,t if given a chance to offer their input.

Further, I have learned that with age comes sensitivity. Older adults are likely to be more sensitive as compared to the younger generations. For this reason; it is important to be conscious in the manner in which one handles them. It is through showing care, love, and compassion that I manage to get along with the old people. They need our love because once we forsake them, all they think about is death with no hope for the future. I have tried my best in the past to show concern for their feelings and portrayed love towards the senior citizens. In reciprocation, they give back the love and get candid with me where they feel warm. It gets to a point where they think about the future and wishes me well in life. I have developed the value of love towards them because I came to learn that they are lovable and highly appreciative people.

Other than emotional sensitivity, senior citizens are also highly sensitive when it comes to their health issues. Hygiene and health are imperative factors that contribute to people’s happiness despite their age. However, seniors are rocked by a double whammy since they are more vulnerable and become more incapable of time. For this reason; it is important to uphold high levels of personal hygiene since it is essential for the old people. As a person gets old, his or her immune system gets weak, and hence there are high levels of vulnerabilities to invasions by pathogens. Observing high levels of cleanliness when attending to the senior citizens is an instrumental way of handling these people. I have developed the personal value of high hygiene and cleanliness and this way I handle the older people well with minimal cases of preventable illnesses. It is an observation I have that seniors who want to remain independent also need to sustain high levels of good hygiene, keep healthy, and control their destiny.

In that connection, I have developed the personal value of advocacy for the senior citizens and observing their needs for personal autonomy. I have taken it upon myself to ensure that the voices of the older adults in the society regarding issues affecting them, at least the ones I touch, are heard. I believe in equity and equality, and so the old people deserve to enjoy human rights and communal resources that are exploited by the rest of the society. In this sense, I seek to champion for their liberty and attention to the larger society. Through my value of seeing the elderly as equal members of the society, I offer them access to information that may be of their interest. They are constantly updated about the dynamic changes happening in the larger society, and it is something they highly appreciate. Senior citizens want to be acknowledged as the rest of the society and so treating them like regular people in a way connects them with the larger community.

I am an honest person who thrives on integrity and truthfulness in all my activities. I seek to do the right thing even when it is not convenient for me or not acknowledged by other people in the society. Offering care for the senior citizens is not a lucrative job, and some of my age mates see it as an odd endeavor that lowers their worth. Contrary to their assertions and beliefs, I desire to serve the old people with integrity and a passion for it as a professional and candid undertaking. It is my personal value to stick to my course and conviction of doing things. In this sense, I will be consistent in offering services to the senior citizens despite the views of other people in the society, more so my age mates. Since I come with consistency and integrity, the senior citizens can trust me with their affairs despite how personal they are without the concern that I may meddle with them at my financial or non-financial selfish gains.

Additionally, I have the element of hard work and achievement of excellence in the different things that I do in life. A good example has been in education where I have sought of exploiting all my abilities to achieve the best possible results. I carry this into the professional field where I seek to accomplish remarkable milestones when serving the elderly members of the society. I will invest in personal efforts to make sure that I go an extra mile to restore joy and hope to the senior citizens who possibly just await death. It is my character to go out of my way to get things that I want. In the same way, through my passion for the profession and the consequential hard-work, I will manage to offer care services to the older adults efficiently. Without the value of hard-work, it is impossible to achieve excellence and client satisfaction in whichever field one operates.


My parents have been instrumental in imparting the personal values that I have today. They are the people who have largely shown me the manner in which to treat senior citizens through the way I saw them handle my grandparents. However, interacting with other people in the society and going through the education system have instilled important skills of handling the older adults. I believe in the dignity of people and so offering care services to the senior citizens will be a manifestation of my conviction regarding humanity. From my parents, I learned that maintaining cordial relations with other people and more so the senior citizens is important and so caring for them will be my satisfaction. I observe high levels of personal hygiene, and this is a value that is important when handling older people. I am honest and hardworking, and these values are instrumental in any field of operations, and they will assist me in offering high-quality care services for the senior citizens. Finally, I am emotionally intelligent, and this will help me understand old people’s situation and be careful not to offend them with my utterances the manner in which I treat them.

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