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The market circumstance in the present-day condition is changing rapidly because of improving innovations, the passage to new market entrants, as well as the improvement of new telecommunication innovations, forcing most organizations to amend their market plans more frequently than previously (Bolton et al., 2019). The action is portrayed by expanding multifaceted nature since the management needs to represent numerous variables including the accessible assets, the skill of existing staff individuals, the interesting methods of making client esteem, and the focusing on choices characterizing the degree and focal point of future campaigns. The SOSTAC system adequately addresses the more significant part of these components by giving a strong foundation to building a far-reaching advertising/marketing procedure advancing from situational examinations to execution of strategies as well as monitoring appraisals (Chaffey and Smith, 2017). The review investigates the extension of H&M to Brazil market. Also, it gives a SOSTAC course of action to this organization planned for tending to the vital difficulties of this internationalization action.

Organization Background

H&M is a UK-based global clothing company. H&M specializes in costumes as well as accessories for women, men and children. While the organization appreciates a generous accomplishment within the U.K. market, it is directly making allowances for an extension into Brazil by supplying its products to the Brazilian customers in significant urban as well as rural communities.

SOSTAC Planning

The SOSTAC arranging system is generally utilized by the management to create robust marketing action plans (Chaffey and Smith, 2017). This system offers a great arrangement beginning from a situation examination to recognizing where the organization is presently, then the formulation of goals delineating where the organization looks to get to. It is then followed by the creation of specific courses of action, tactics, as well as activities/actions essential to accomplish the objectives. The exceptional component of this design is seen by its sixth measurement deciding the management appraisals necessary for estimating as well as checking the subsequent achievements to rapidly recognize any divergence from the set arrangement (Safanta et al. 2019). The accompanying sub-areas plot every one of these measurements for the H&M association.

Situational Analysis

Goal Performance

The underlying scope of H&M expansion in Brazil is restricted by not increasing enough benefits from the venture in light of the chauvinistic idea of Brazilian customer, as well as the enormous costs joined to market entry. Regardless of these dangers, there are high open doors in the Brazil market that incorporate the possibility to take advantage of the speciality natural attire market, use the vast assembling and materials industries in Brazil as a favoured provider and accomplice, work together with useful Brazilian planners to deliver items one of a kind to these markets and probable collusions with the Brazilian trademarks (Warren, 2019). The accompanying destinations might be defined for this reason:

To acquire a minimum of 30% of the costumes market one year after the market entry.

Customer Insight

The number of inhabitants in South America's biggest nation, which involves about a large portion of the landmass, is roughly 50% Caucasian, 43% biracial, 7% Afro-Brazilian, and under 0.5 % Indigenous and Asian, as indicated by the 2006 statistics. As a rule, Brazilian personality depends on financial and not racial status. These customers' profiles present a suitable market for various fashion products to the Brazilian market.

SWOT Analysis


· Global presence

· Quality products at affordable prices

· Entire segment base (men, women, teenagers and children)

· Celebrity and designer brand ambassadors

· Short delivery time.

· Low negative impacts on the environment

· Customer access to online shopping


· Purchase in large quantities, which may lead to surplus, thus lowering prices.

· The evolving large scale financial conditions profoundly influence the target client base in the market


· Niche natural clothing market

· Potential to use the enormous assembling and materials industry in Brazil as a favoured provider and accomplice.

· Collaboration with fruitful Brazilian creators to deliver items remarkable to the market.

· Online deals

· Potential to frame key coalitions with Brazilian brands


· Presence of other low to high pay worldwide brands in the market, for example, Zara and Forever

· Presence of exceptionally mainstream Brazilian brands and ease brands, for instance, C&A

· Manufacturing and materials industry in Brazil

· Nationalistic estimations of the market may spur customers to purchase neighbourhood



In terms of the market share, the company needs to have acquired a minimum of 30% of the costume market one year after the market entry.


The organization needs to get over 100 positive audits from the purchasers happy with the immediacy and comfort of the rendered budgetary administrations in Brazil within the initial a half year following its entrance.


The organization ought to get 2,000 new adherents from Brazil for its Facebook page and 10,000 new devotees from Brazil for its Instagram page.


New distributions posted on the previously mentioned web pages must be enjoyed or reposted by over 100 people from Brazil on the normal inside the initial a half year following the market section.


The inclination for online advancement likewise creates significant investment funds as far as publicizing costs.


Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning (STP)

H&M is keen on a few classes of clients. In the first place, its contribution is profoundly on both genders, designers for all segments of the family, the men, women as well as children (Coulter et al., 2019). As far as positioning, H&M expels the mental outskirts between its clients and the brand by keeping up full straightforwardness in the conversation of its defects (Carey, 2018).


Explicit tools for elevating H&M to Brazilian customers may incorporate internet based life marketing, setting ads, as well as live occasions (Ryan, 2016).

Tactics (Marketing Mix)


H&M appreciates worldwide accreditation with the leading fashion designers.


H&M offers affordable prices to its customers, in line with its competitors.


Enjoys a global recognition, with its head and stores in the U.K. and other affiliated stores.


Facebook and Instagram ads, regular posts with multiple hashtags, to get feeds from the interested customers.


H&M shall utilize a variety of platforms to enable them to achieve the set objectives. The various actions include such actions as, social media marketing, contests and engagement campaigns, as well as live events. The main driving force is brand visibility to make the brand visible and known to the people. Promotional activities can also be conducted with the baseline of market entry and market share acquisition (Kennada, 2009).


These marketing strategies and the actions discussed above must be monitored closely with regards to their intermediary and outcomes. H&M should also monitor the customers in terms of their proactiveness, as well as monitoring the off-chance of dissatisfaction of the clients, and respond to the same with immediate effects (Hanlon, 2019).


It will, in general, be summarized that H&M has incredible prospects of accomplishment in Brazil advertise yet needs to show its central focuses as a propelled design store to the chose customer sections (Hofacker, 2018). The stated impact could be cultivated by establishing trust by methods for electronic life duty, live occasions, as well as several difficulties and championships (Kennada, 2019). In case this central dispatch in the three urban networks exhibits productive, it may be possible to develop the range to other vast regions depending upon the outcomes of geo-focusing as well as the amount of mission petition examination for the various Brazil locales.

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