Strategic Plan to Address the Diversity Gap

1. Establishing an Inclusion and Diversity Mission Statement

A mission statement of diversity can mirror the thrust of the athletic department coupled with its trust in diversity as an integral part the athletic experience. Inclusion and diversity mission statements should be built in a manner that embraces full representation of all segments of the staff departments.

2. Examination of Current Diversity

Just as any other departments vary in population, size, location, and resources, the intended plan will vary depending on the initial assessment of the standpoint of the athletic department, instant and projected needs, just as much as the ongoing priorities. Just like in any other valid examination, the outcomes are best if obtained from a comprehensive and candid review, which will be intended to inform the measures of inclusion that benefit the department and immediate environment.

3. Inclusion and Diversity Goals

The department may undertake both long and short-term goals that aim to the creation of an environment that embraces individual and cultural dissimilarities as a foundation of innovation and creativity. Besides the policy priorities, the department may possess unique needs that define the shape of the plan.

4. Strategies and Application

Whereas the goals may be wide-spread, the strategies used in implementation should be aimed at specific efforts sought to achieve detailed and particular goals. The section would entail in-depth initiatives described in an action plan aimed at achieving both the long and short-term diversity priorities and goals.

5. Assessment and Evaluation

In the last phase of the strategic plan to address diversity, the athletic department may outline standard measures or a certain performance objective for all the diversity plan intended in achieving the strategic goals. Through the creation of outcome-based evaluation plan, the department is likely to exhibit a non-ending improvement in the employment of the identified strategies to achieve new performance approximations or barrier removal that hindered a more inclusive environment.

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