Summary of Crimson Tide Film

In the film, the Alabama receives an emergency message ordering the launch of tens of its missiles against the Russian nuclear installation on the grounds of the information indicating that the Russian’s missiles were being fueled. Prior to Alabama’s launch of its missiles, another radio message is received, but it is interrupted by the attack of the Russian submarines that were loyal to Radcheko. The radios are damaged during the attack and can no longer decode the message. With the last order being to launch, Captain Ramsey decides to go ahead. Hunter does not concur with the Captain since he believes that the second message that failed to get decoded could be a retraction.

Captain Ramsey used the bounded rationality decision-making model in this situation; he had challenges in the information processing and hence according to Hunter, there was insufficient information to optimize the decision of launching the missiles. In the bounded rationality model, people construct simplified models that retrieve the necessary features from problems without considering all the complexities. This means that the decision maker can behave rationally within the limits of a simple model. For this reason, the Captain acted rationally within the launch order, in accordance with the bounded rationality decision-making model.

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