The Psychological Illness in “The Black Swan” movie

The Black Swan movie is created around the psychological illness of the leading character, Nina Sayers. Sayer’s disordered connection with the roommate, mother Erica, sets the stage for the psychological breakdown experienced by Nina. Mother Erica is narcissistic, evident from the amount of time she spends painting pictures of herself and overstepping to the well-being and space of Nina. One of the scenes that capture the dysfunctional relationship is when Nina is offered a piece of cake, which was bought by Erica, to celebrate Nina’s lead but Nina refuses. The mother then threatens to throw the cake in the trash.

Nina fights to win the showcasing character in Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, a role requiring the traits of both evil Black Swan and good White Swan. The win is, however, accompanied by stress, which mounts on Nina. Nina faces increased conflict at home, possessiveness from other danseuses, uninvited sexual advances from the director, and pressure of becoming the Black Swan. Throughout the film, Nina is shown to develop bleedings and injuries on the body, which are self-inflicted. As the anxiety and stress rise, Nina experiences psychotic breaks. Moreover, she undergoes visual illusions related to the metamorphosis, both of her own and other individuals.

However much the movie does great by mirroring the problems associated with psychosis, there are many psychological aspects experienced by Nina. Nina demonstrates aspects of obsessive-compulsive behaviors and anxiety disorder. She also shows self-injurious traits and eating disorders. There is a high unlikelihood for all the elements to exist in one individual, more so a ballerina. Despite the indictment, the film is great and does a fanciful job in describing the struggles accompanied by severe levels of psychological infections. The Black Swan is, therefore, a profound and compelling movie built around exceptional cinematography and acting.

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