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The writing of college essays is a tradition that has been around for even longer than term papers and final examinations. In actual sense, your professors will assign you essays in the same manner that their professors assigned them essays back in the days when they were students.

The truth of the matter, however, is that so many things about education as we know it have shifted quite drastically over the recent years, to the extent that a group of concerned observers asks whether writing essays is still a relevant skill. There are times in which students think that their tutors and professors assign grades to the essays without much thought. This is even though most students do not take essay writing with the seriousness it deserves, as is evidenced by the levels of plagiarism in universities and colleges.

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Also, to be fairly honest, you do not expect to report to work to be bombarded with essays about the causes and effects of civil wars.

As it turns out, however, there are some very major reasons why professors still assign college essays, along with other critical thinking assignments. Below are some of the most outstanding life skills that you acquire by giving your college essay 100% of your effort.

1. Excellent communication skills

As you will learn in your career and relationships, it is impossible to survive without effective communication skills. This is one very major element of success that determines how far up the ladder of promotion you can go to. Writing college essays presents you with the opportunity to exercise your capacity to express yourself and to enrich your vocabulary. Whether you are writing a simple report or expressing your emotions to a significant other, your ability to express yourself easily is quite essential.

2. The art of persuasion

There are moments in our lives that demand that we make a very strong argument to back up our point of view. It could be as simple as trying to make your colleagues to support a certain cause, or to make them understand why a certain political candidate is better. It could also be that we simply want to persuade the interviewers to hire us, or to ask for a pay rise.

Thing is, when it high-stake persuasion is involved, one can argue purely from a point of emotion or mere opinion. Writing college essays trains you to look for evidence to support your arguments. It is a great ground to practice how to create fact-based and rational arguments that fall more to the persuasive side than the irrational side.

3. Proof of understanding

An instructor is usually tasked with assessing whether students have mastered the set learning objective for their course. There are many other ways they can do this besides assigning essays. You can for instance be asked to come up with a speech or a visual presentation such as an infographic. Such are alternatives that are equally effective at proving that one has mastered a certain subject.

In most cases, however, an essay is the best approach for one to show that they understand the topics that are being covered in their class. It is only through writing an essay that one can tell that they understand how various concepts are interconnected, and this is proved by the nature of the grades that they get in their essay assignments and tests.

4. Deepening knowledge

Your high school teachers may have already asked you to write “exit tickets” when leaving class at the end of the lessons. This approach, as much as you may not have realized it back then, is quite effective at making you remember things. Writing about a particular topic in-depth helps a person understand the subtleties of the content in a manner that they couldn’t have if they simply read a book or listened to a particular lecture. One also gains the long-term recognition of the topic at hand by writing about it at length.

5. Clear Writing Leads to Clear Thinking

When you have been tasked with rephrasing something you have already learned or read in your own words, you have a high likelihood to absorb it. The writing process essentially trains you to conclude, based on the clear analysis. If you consistently write essays, you will realize sooner or later that you think more rationally when it comes to the very challenging issues. You take the time to collect sufficient evidence before settling on a particular decision.

The next time your instructor asks you to come up with a 10-page essay on the effects of climate change, perceive that as an opportunity to accumulate more skills that will benefit you in your life.

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