Writing Conclusions: How To End Your Paper Smartly

When tasked with writing any type of essay, you always find yourself trying to figure out the content that will go into it. You will later proceed to determine the structure of the paper, in a bid to ensure that you impress the supervisor or professor. At some point, you will also have to carefully think about what will go into the very outstanding areas of the paper, including introduction and conclusion. The introduction, whose impressiveness is to a great extent determined by the quality of the thesis statement, is not that strenuous to come up with. Most students think of the conclusion as a very easy section of the essay and do not give much thought to it, but the truth is that it needs to be given deeper thought.

To some students, it seems quite easy to put together a few words just to summarize the content presented in the body of the essay. A fine conclusion is however not just a summary of the essay. Herein, we shall present several tips on how to go about appropriately ending any paper.

The power of the introduction and conclusion sections

As much as they are short, you should never underestimate the importance of your introduction and conclusion. You always have to come up with a precise and understandable introduction, especially if you are dealing with a new topic or one that is quite complex. Writing the conclusion, on the other hand, should not just be about paraphrasing what you’ve already said. This is in fact, the part that you should use to make your final point and to motivate the readers of your essay to explore more about the topic at hand. Upon making a good first impression, it is quite crucial to close with a powerful final word highlighting the key takeaways of your essay.

Common Mistakes that students make while writing conclusions

As highlighted earlier on, writing a conclusion seems easy to many people. After all, there is no need to bring up new arguments, data or analysis in it. That, however, is quite a tricky perspective. As we have already made it clear, creating a conclusion is not just about writing a summary. If you, therefore, treat it as if it is a summary, you will have already made the first mistake.

Truth is that you can always provide the summary for an essay as a separate kind of paper, and present it to the readers who do not have the time to go through all the argumentations you have provided in the lengthy essay. To avoid treating the conclusion as a summary, you should assume that your readers will read through the entire essay and understand what your main arguments are, hence they will not be looking for a summary.

Some of the other common mistakes that students make when writing conclusions include:

1. Paraphrasing the thesis statement of their essay

This is a mistake that happens when the student does not know what to write. The right place to insert the thesis statement is in the introduction section so that you can then proceed to analyze it in the main part of the essay. Trying to paraphrase the thesis statement is a highly ineffective way to conclude your essay.

2. Questioning your opinion

This is also one of the worst ways to conclude your essay. In questioning your own opinion, you reduce the work that you have already put into persuading readers to nothing. As much as your arguments may not be 100% right, if you take your stand, you should be able to keep convincing the readers that they should believe what you are presenting to them.

3. Discussing points that are not mentioned in the essay

There are also some writers who, instead of repeating the thesis statement, usually introduce new ideas that they did not highlight in the body of the essay. Unless you are looking to introduce concepts for “prospects for further research”, you should stick to addressing the ideas in the thesis statement. You have to preserve the link that lies between the body of the essay and the final section of your paper.

How to write a conclusion that will earn you more points

Having identified what a good conclusion is not, it is now time to fill you in on what it is all about. The main aim of the conclusion should be to synthesize your ideas and to explain why you think they are important. In addition to that, this is your chance to make a very positive impression of the topic at hand, as well as to motivate your reader to think about exploring it further. Here is how to come up with a conclusion that works:

1. Figure out how the topic you are discussing is relevant

In your conclusion, you should make it clear why people must care about the subject matter. Could be, thinking about it could positively impact on their lives, or push them to think in a new way.

2. Reveal how your statement connect with the examples you have written

As opposed to coming up with a summary of what you have already discussed, you should strive to show how your ideas have evolved upon coming across the findings that you have presented in the paper. This does not mean that you delve into the details, or introduce new information. It is simply the opportunity to explain the contributions that you are making by writing the essay.

3. Propose a solid solution to the problem statement

If you are highlighting a problem in the essay, you should present a clear solution at the end of your essay. You should not complain about the problems or the negative elements of the topic at hand, but you should think about proposing possible ways in which improvements can be made. This will instantly add a lot of meaning to the essay.

4. Show how the subject you have discussed can influence broader areas of research

Bearing in mind that your readers care about the problem that you are discussing in the essay, it is a perfect opportunity to highlight to them how the subject at hand influences new research. You should include several sentences about this in your conclusion.

With that, you are well acquainted with how to go about writing a conclusion and how to end your paper smartly. If you would like help from nerds who are qualified to write any type of essay, you should reach out to Homework Help Services right away.

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